There’s a lot more
to the world of cryptocurrency
During its early years, experimenting and developing interesting projects with cryptocurrency was a bit more difficult because users were still figuring out how it all worked before actually trying something unique. Given some time however, more and more cool projects started to pop out – Ethereum being a notable example of this with the smart contracts platform – and the landscape changed. For a couple of years now, things have changed enough for me to say that things now go beyond your typical exchanges, wallets and mining related software.

The following reviews in this section are exactly dedicated to projects that can either further assist you in some way, or simply unique ideas or platforms that aim for something completely different. For example, you could be looking for an efficient app to manage your portfolio in a user-friendly manner, and we got it with delta. Or, you might be looking for a trading bot that isn’t overly complicated to refine and optimize your trading strategy, which is what Cryptohopper or even is for.

This section will keep expanding, with an upcoming review of the world’s first cryptocurrency staking algorithm, PoWH3D and other apps that deliver something different from your average competitors. So keep an eye out for it, as you might learn about and find some really cool stuff that could be worth checking out.

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